We deliver a range of services to support children, young people and families facing a wide range of challenges. This includes helping children and young people to talk about their feelings in order to build their self-confidence and resilience.

Time for You is a dedicated service in schools offering support, advice and guidance for children and young people. It helps to strengthen their emotional and social well-being, increasing their self-esteem and helping them to recognise their ‘inner wealth’.

By helping at an early stage, Time for You aims to prevent more serious problems arising at a later stage.

Children are referred to Time for You by their school with parental consent.

Quote Marks Left When I see the progress that a young person is making as a result of our sessions I feel a real sense of achievement.

Time for You Support Worker

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Time for You, The Benjamin Foundation, St Edmunds House, 103 Oak Street, Norwich Norfolk NR3 3BP

T: 01603 615670

Meet the team

Quote Marks Left I really enjoyed opening up my presents. Thank you so much.

A young person we look after in one of our accommodation centres

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