Our Equality and Diversity Statement:

The Benjamin Foundation will do all it can to provide an environment for all its staff, volunteers, service users and service providers that:

  • Recognises and values individual differences and contributions
  • Promotes dignity and respect to all
  • Is free from intimidation, bullying or harassment
  • Provides training, development and progression opportunities to all staff and volunteers
  • Believes Equality and Diversity are key to a productive and representative workforce, and to the development and deliver of fair services
  • Reviews all our employment, volunteer and service delivery practices and procedures to ensure they promote inclusion and diversity
  • Regard’s breaches of our Equality and Diversity Policy as misconduct and takes action to address any behaviour which could lead to disciplinary procedures
  • Ensures our Equality and Diversity Policy is fully supported by all staff, Senior Management and the Board of Trustees
  • Ensures Equality and Diversity principles are a core part to the strategic planning
  • Ensures regular monitoring every two years of our Equality and Diversity Policy
  • If staff, volunteers or service users have experiences that do not reflect our commitment, they should inform their manager, or the manager of the service they are accessing immediately. If this is not possible, they should contact the relevant Director of Operations linked to the service, or a member of the Senior Management Team.

If a member of the public has experiences that do not reflect our commitment, they should inform Wendy Jeary, Administration Manager on 01603 615670.

The Benjamin Foundation has given me a sense of confidence and comfort. I feel a sense of normality when I speak to the staff but also in the independence I am given; they are always there for me and my needs. I have learnt to not be so stressed, anxious and depressed about certain situations, I have learnt a lot about money and budgeting. I now feel so much more confident about myself and the fact that I can now move forward in life.

Jayden, 22

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