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The Benjamin Foundation’s service accommodating Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking Children (UASC) is based in Suffolk and is tailored specifically for those young people who are 16-18; who arrived in the UK seeking asylum or those aged 18 who are care leavers without a decision to remain; who arrived in the UK seeking asylum status.

UASC face many challenges in leaving their country of origin, travelling often for many months or even years to reach safety in the UK. They may be experiencing bereavement following the death of important family members or trauma because of atrocities they have witnessed. They will be suffering the loss of family and friends and all that is familiar: language, culture, identity, food, comfort and so on.

Once here, they face another set of issues created by the language barrier; for example: the difficulty making themselves understood and in conveying their needs to those who are providing for them. They may face health and wellbeing issues. Many UASC arriving after long, traumatic journeys may be malnourished and suffering other medical conditions associated with living ‘rough’ for many months. UASC must live with the uncertainty of the future, waiting for an asylum decision, and not knowing if they will be sent back to their war-torn country, where they believe they will not be safe and where they no longer have a family.

Alongside offering a safe and secure place to stay -our experienced UASC staff team provide valuable outreach support to help each young person learn or improve their English, gain important life skills and build their confidence and self-esteem by offering nurturing and understanding.  They also support each young person with school and college work as well as helping them settle and adjust and find their identity within the local community.

Each of our UASC homes provide the young people with their own bedroom, a shared bathroom, and a communal kitchen and lounge area to encourage social interaction and engagement. The aim is that by the time they reach the right time to move on, each young person is better prepared for a successful future.

Referrals are via Suffolk County Council’s Central Resources Team.


c/o The Benjamin Foundation 23-27 St Andrews Street Norwich NR2 4TP

T: 07855 172025

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