Your fundraising can make a real difference and allow us to continue to support local children, young people and families in Norfolk and Suffolk.

Despite being a well-established charity and helping over 2,000 people each year we only have a small number of regular fundraisers and supporters.  We are, of course, keen to grow this number and will always look for ways that provide support and recognition in return.

We are especially keen to hear from kind individuals, social and community groups or businesses that would like to raise money themselves for our great charity. There are lots of ways you can get involved. Some ideas include:

  • Taking part in one of our organised events, such as STAY:UP
  • Taking on a sporting challenge
  • Organising a virtual quiz
  • Supporting us as your business or community group’s Charity of the Year
  • Birthday fundraisers instead of gifts

If you would like to discuss your fundraising idea with us please contact us on 01603 615670.

Recent Examples of Fundraising Events

  • Ipswich Sleep Out 2020

    Our Sleep Out events are postponed until 2021 so why not consider doing your own Sleep Out or taking part in our new STAY:UP challenge?

Why fundraise for us?

The issue of homelessness is not one which people readily associate with rural areas but it is a problem that is not restricted to big cities. Our work focuses on the 16 to 25 year old age group and we provide a roof over their head and a range of support to help these people back towards an independent life.

Download our fundraising pack and sponsorship form to start your fundraising.

Shannon explains how we have helped her

I hope the money I raise goes a long way with helping you provide the continued support to the people who depend on you.

Chris Shearing, 2019 London Marathon Runner

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