The Nurtured Heart Approach®

At The Benjamin Foundation, we aim to provide the best support services to everyone we work with by using ‘The Nurtured Heart Approach®'

Developed by Howard Glasser, this approach allows us to turn the most challenging situations toward success by focusing on individual skills and qualities and promoting our 'inner wealth'.

The Nurtured Heart Approach® is used in all our services with very positive results. See our case studies page for examples.

What is The Nurtured Heart Approach®?

"It makes ME feel so good to react in this totally different way."

At the core of the Approach are ‘The 3 Stands' – All three are necessary promises that we must be determined to keep if we are to create nurturing habits and make big changes:

  1. Absolute NO – Resolutely not putting any energy into mistakes made, wrong-doing or negative behaviours.
  2. Absolute YES – Making a big deal of detailing any and every great quality, success or positive behaviour.
  3. Clarity of rules, and consequences that are known and agreed; fair, restorative, short and meaningful.

Looking at what is right rather than wrong takes continual practice, but has amazing results! The Nurtured Heart Approach is much more than what's written here; it takes time to learn, a desire to change and motivation to let go of past problems. This is just a taste of how it works.

The Nurtured Heart Approach® strengthens relationships - with individuals, within families, and between staff.

Learning the Approach has changed our working practices with colleagues.

Greatness Words are used in our Early Year's Settings to help children learn vocabulary for the Greatness they and others around them are showing.

Parent Workshops provide a chance to learn The Nurtured Heart Approach ® together - look out for them in your area!

Clear Rules and Consequences re established in partnership with our young service users. They are used alongside emphasising everyone's successes.

"I can see now that our energy is in the wrong place a lot of the time"

Examples of how we use The Nurtured Heart Approach® when working with children, young people and families:

Parent Support Advisers work with parents to show them how to use the Nurtured Heart Approach® to increase enjoyment of family life.

Time for You Support Workers provide emotional wellbeing support and model the Nurtured Heart Approach® when working directly with children in schools.

One to one working with young people across our 9 Residential / Educational Units – staff work with children and young people every day to help them move forward in their lives, build confidence and help them be proud of who they are.

Direct work with children attending our Nursery, Pre-Schools and After School Care – every day our nursery staff encourage children to recognise their own positive qualities and behaviours and to really see the things they do well!

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"We're still practicing but I can see it's already making a difference!"

Staff Training

All of our staff receive training and are supported to use the Nurtured Heart Approach® in their day to day work.

25 of our staff are Certified Trainers in the Nurtured Heart Approach® and can share their expertise with parents, other staff members and outside agencies.

We are dedicated to ensuring that all staff develop their knowledge and use of The Nurtured Heart Approach®

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