Last month, we were pleased to welcome Joshua Antcliff to The Benjamin Foundation family as Fundraising Officer. We caught up with him to learn more about his passion for fundraising and why he is so happy to be part of our charity to help local children, young people and families.

“Hello everyone, my name is Joshua, the new Fundraising Officer for The Benjamin Foundation, and I have been given this digital space to tell you a bit about me, and why I am passionate about fundraising.

A strong part of that enjoyment for fundraising comes from a motivation to challenge myself. In fact, that is how I ended up in Norwich in the first place. After finishing school, I wanted to prove my independence and seek a new opportunity, moving away from my hometown of Sheffield, and begin studying Psychology at the University of East Anglia. It didn’t take me long to get involved in the Three Peaks Challenge, climbing the three tallest peaks of the UK back-to-back, and my first dive into the wonderful world of fundraising. Two charity events later (one bath of tea and a James Bond 64-hour movie marathon) and I had developed a strong enthusiasm for fundraising which never really left. This enthusiasm led me to search for other opportunities such as leading my own team of 53 fundraisers and raising awareness of charities such as Mind.

Supporting mental health causes has been a strong focus in my fundraising efforts, and a reason why I feel fortunate to work for The Benjamin Foundation, where we not only provide safe accommodation and support children and families, but protect the mental well-being of the people who use our services, promoting their independence and helping them to finally feel listened to. Since joining a few short weeks ago, the opportunities I have had to visit these services have been some of the most enriching and insightful experiences, making me even more motivated to encourage supporters to fundraise for The Benjamin Foundation.

Along with supporting causes you are passionate about, I find it important to think about what fundraising can do for you. As an example, I have found that fundraising has helped me be more creative. Outside of fundraisers, I don’t often get to design wacky events, such as 3-hour 80s dance marathons or any of the other fundraisers I have mentioned previously, but I do find that fundraising helps you to think outside of the box, and an opportunity for you to interact with your friends, family and local community.

As Fundraising Officer, I aim to help people engage with their creative side, and to share my enthusiasm for fundraising. I find that if people enjoy their fundraising, they’ll reach even higher fundraising targets (or adding the “fun” in fundraising as I like to call it). Therefore, if you want to engage in some fun and creative fundraising events to help support The Benjamin Foundation, and see what fundraising can do for you, then please feel free to send me an email at: [email protected] or fill in your details below and I will be in touch soon!”

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