Trustees and Senior Team

We seek to have a range of skills and experiences in our trustee body to complement the work of the Foundation. We are always pleased to hear from anyone who believes in the ethos and focus of the charity and would like to offer time to support our work.

Our senior team comprises the people that run our charity day-to-day.  They are responsible for running our operation across Norfolk and Suffolk, including our front line staff teams and support services such as HR, Finance, Marketing and Fundraising.  The senior team create our plans and recommend on key decisions which our Board will then discuss, refine and ratify.

The main role of the Trustees is to attend Board meetings and be accountable for the main decisions of the charity.  It is very similar to the type of role that a Board of Directors plays in a business except in our case these are voluntary roles.  Some Trustees have a particular interest in certain areas of our work and have the time to visit them from time to time to support the manager and staff in their work.  The Trustees collectively bring a great deal of business and life experience to our charity, which is very helpful.