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In 2018, we were delighted to receive support from Land Aid to address and complete some essential works and renovations at Winston Court. Winston Court is our 9 bed supported accommodation centre in North Walsham with 6 semi-independent move on flats on site. Since opening in December 1997, it has provided accommodation, support, stability and safety for over 300 young people aged 16-25 years old. Winston Court celebrated its 21st birthday in December 2018.

One of the residents, Jordan provides more of an insight into his life, how Winston Court has supported him and his thoughts on the renovations so far.

Jordan has autism and has bravely shared insights into how this has affected him. Throughout school, he was bullied and dealt with difficult thoughts and feelings, including depression and suicidal thoughts.

He explains what life was like when he started high school: “I remember my first day of school was my best day; everyone spoke to me and was nice. Then my autism started to show and I had no idea at this point how to handle or control it. So about 23 days passed and I remember people were laughing at me and calling me names. So at age 12, I had my first suicidal thought and I didn’t know who to tell, so I kept it to myself and tried hard to push the thought from my mind.”

Now aged 19 and living at Winston Court, he says he’s the happiest he has ever been:

“This is my most favourite part of my life… I am in a hostel (lovely place, really nice and has helped with my mental state). As I write this, I am smiling because of how happy I am… I have enough friends, very good friends that I would do anything for. I’m friends with most people in the hostel, which is an experience I adore.

“Autism made me the way I am; about shows I like, the way I dress, my humour and personality. It helped my memory capacity and my imagination at 19 years of age (nearly 20) is still running wild with ambition and thoughts. I am so creative that I want to make books and movies.”

Jordan has taken huge steps forward during his time at Winston Court and our team has supported him on his journey so far. He is thrilled by the refurbishment work, made possible thanks to Land Aid funding, which is well underway and it is already making a difference to him:

“I am happy to say that my bathroom is nearly complete – the builders have been working really hard to give me my bathroom back. I have been keeping them entertained with my funny jokes!” He continues.

“It’s looking really good as you can see by the photos. I know once it has been completed and I have been able to paint the walls it is going to feel like my new home.  It is going to make such a difference for me. I would like to thank you for all you are doing for all of us living at Winston Court.”

We asked Sharon, Senior Support Worker, her view what had been achieved:

“It is difficult to put it into words! The kitchen has made such a difference to all at Winston Court. Our Young people take turns in keeping it clean and tidy, and are so proud of having such a lovely area to chat and cook in with each other. It is a place they call home and they are overwhelmed with the support they have received from LandAid to make it their own!”

Other works have been completed, notably the outside rendering, ground floor refurbishment, and the move on flat kitchens too. Attention is now focused on a final big push to revamp the bedrooms in the main building, all of which is going well and which the young people are also appreciating a lot.”

LandAid funding is making a big difference to the quality of life for all at Winston Court. It’s a great 21st birthday present for Winston Court and all who are based there. A huge thank you to Land Aid for their support!

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