Employment with The Benjamin Foundation is an opportunity to make a real difference to the lives of local people. Whether you work in one of our front-line services, offices or retail shops, working with our charity and the young people we support is extremely rewarding.

Tracy began working at one of our accommodation centres for vulnerable young people in Norfolk in 2020. Here she shares her experience of what it is like to be a part of The Benjamin Foundation family:

“I started my employment with The Benjamin Foundation in April 2020.  Working under good management as well as being part of a strong and passionate team has not only given me the confidence and inspiration to carry out my job role, it has also provided me with the skills to help young people residing in our accommodation to deal with many of the challenges they regularly face.

I have come to understand how crucial it is in the development of our young people to have the support of a strong work force – a team that is willingly on hand to listen, help or advise, a team whose aims are to bring out the best in each individual, and in turn give them the ability and confidence to reach their full potential.

Our staff are provided with regular up to date training courses, which enables us to expand our knowledge. These courses also provide us with the confidence to handle the tasks that are expected of us.

Through no fault of their own, a high rate of young people will find themselves at risk of homelessness [Centrepoint estimated that 121,000 young people aged 16-25 in the UK were homeless or at risk of homelessness in 2019-20]. A young person with The Benjamin Foundation will be provided with a safe home and ongoing support from Support Workers, who will work closely and professionally with each individual. Staff will help our young people to apply for jobs, training courses or apprenticeships, as well as supporting them to seek help from professional services such as mental health counsellors if needed.

Whether it’s seeking advice or having a friendly chit-chat over a cup of tea, our staff are always happy to oblige because staff at The Benjamin Foundation believe that every small gesture can make a huge difference in helping to change the lives of our young people.

It is an absolute pleasure working for an organisation that does so much to help keep vulnerable young people off the street and I feel very proud to be given the opportunity to play a small part in helping this happen. I would definitely recommend applying for a job within The Benjamin Foundation. As well as helping to change other people’s lives, it will change yours too.”

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