Raising money for our Summer of Hope appeal

Our #SummerofHope appeal is raising money to support the mental health and emotional wellbeing of children and young people in Norfolk and Suffolk following the pandemic. Forming part of our appeal is our Sit Up 67 virtual fundraising activity, where intrepid and enthusiastic fundraisers are taking on the challenge to complete 67 sit ups each day in July.

Sarah is one of the people taking part, raising money to support the emotional wellbeing of young people in Norfolk and Suffolk supported by our charity. We spoke to Sarah about how she is finding the challenge so far and what inspired her to take part:

“After seeing the appeal for contenders to take part in the Summer of Hope challenge, I really wanted to help.” Sarah says.

“I myself found the pandemic really hard with all the scares and being locked away. It was very lonely at times. Since the easing of lockdown I have had some therapy sessions which have really helped; I am fortunate to be able to afford to do this, not everyone has the same opportunity and I would love to help with that.

I also put on a few pounds over lockdown, I started cooking and baking through boredom and then I had to eat it! So the 67 sit ups each day should help me lose an inch or two off of my waist – win win!

I started splitting the sit ups on day 1; I did 10 before work and thought I might get some done in my lunch break leaving me half for the evening… that didn’t work out so well as I didn’t have time at work and then had forgotten to do them which meant doing them after a belly full of food after dinner. With this in mind I then decided I would just go for it, get up and do them as soon as I wake up. I did split them in as much as I would do 37 have a couple of minutes break stretching my arms up over my head to loosen the muscles, ready to power on for the final 30. This seems to be working.

I set up my GivePenny account for the fundraising, increasing the target from £67 to £167 and started with the social media posts to promote what I was doing and asking for sponsors. I was so pleased that by lunch time that day I was at £30 and by the end of the following day I was at £80 so I am already almost half way there. I have then left it a few days and posted again today with an update asking for sponsors again – hopefully this will get me closer to my target.

If… sorry, WHEN I get to my target I will be so pleased to know that somebody will get some help that they need, just as I had managed to.”

Anyone wishing to sponsor Sarah can do so here https://givepenny.com/sarahjones4_sit_up_67

It’s not too late to join Sarah and many others in the Summer of Hope Sit Up 67 challenge and fundraise to support the emotional wellbeing of children and young people in Norfolk and Suffolk. You can help more young people to finally feel hopeful of a better future. Inspired to take part? Click below to get started today!

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