With the help of individuals, businesses and communities we were able to deliver over 800 gifts to young people and families who access our services.

Visiting our “gift workshop” to collect presents ahead of Christmas, our services were overjoyed by the generosity on display with tables stacked high with colouring books, Lego, cuddly toys, toiletry sets and chocolate!

Alice, Manager of Boom! Young Carers, came to collect gifts for 200 children aged 8-18, and had this to say about the excitement of the gift campaign:

“Each Christmas our Young Carer’s group leaders are always really excited to be able to browse the gifts that have been donated to choose an individual present for the Young Carers in their groups. When it comes to our final group before Christmas and we bring the bag of presents in to distribute to the Young Carers it’s such a pleasure to see their faces.“

We also were grateful to receive plenty of gifts via monetary donations, as we successfully raised over £12,000. The money raised over Christmas makes a great impact to supporting our services, and accessible to staff to spend during the Christmas break.

We are very grateful for the support of everyone involved in the years Christmas Appeal, helping to make a difference to young people this Christmas and beyond.

This can be a very difficult time of year for a lot of young people and a small gift makes all the difference and puts a smile on the face of many.”

– Sharon, Accommodation Service Manager

Quote Marks Left Staff praise children's positive behaviours, such as waiting patiently or being kind to their friends. This supports their good behaviour and self-esteem.

Ofsted Report, Sept 2018

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