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Town Tots: Building Intergenerational Community Links

Since 2017, Rose Meadow residential care home on the outskirts of North Walsham has played host to visits by the children of Town Tots pre-school.  Now, several months into the initiative to bring generations together, the benefits for both parties are clear to see.
“It’s just really nice to see the children.” One resident of Rose Meadow says. “We enjoy their company. They’re very good. They like playing with puzzles when they’re here – they’re great fun.”
Managed by Norse Care, Rose Meadow welcomed the opportunity to strengthen community links. Now their lounge is filled with colouring books, games and jigsaw puzzles ready for the monthly visits by Town Tots. 
The resident continues. “We feel comfortable around them. You sometimes have to make the conversation first as they’re a bit shy when they first arrive, but we like having them here.”
Town Tots Early Years Practitioner Emma Brown says.
“Our visits to Rose Meadow mix the generations and it really works. Everybody looks forward to it and it builds links within our community, which is part of the Early Years Foundation Stage that we work to."
With one young person describing Rose Meadow as “a beautiful house of Nannies and Grandads” the regular excursions are also having a positive impact on the lives of the children from Town Tots pre-school.  
Emma continues. “It’s an amazing experience for the children; it offers them insight and understanding, for example, they now understand that the frames they see at Rose Meadow help people to walk.” 
“We are also making a book all about our visits here.”
Amelia Perriss, Manager of Rose Meadow says.
“Building intergenerational links within our community is incredibly important. It’s great to see our residents’ faces light up and see them engaging and interacting with the little ones. It supports their wellbeing and brings a smile to their faces.”
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