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H&M Foundation launches partnership to support homeless young people in Norfolk


The non-profit H&M Foundation has made a three-year commitment supported by £500,000 to support homeless young people in the UK into employment. Through the Transforming Futures Programme, H&M Foundation is supporting charity The Benjamin Foundation in Norfolk.

The Programme will deliver a specialist employability scheme that will help homeless young people in Norfolk into work. It incorporates tailored one-to-one support; a bursary scheme aimed at helping them into education, employment and training pathways; and a new digital careers platform that will offer instant expert advice for employment opportunities. 

The programme will be delivered into four UK charities– 1625 Independent People, Aberdeen Foyer, Benjamin Foundation, Roundabout – all part of UK-wide movement End Youth Homelessness, launched by Centrepoint

“With a SEK 6 million donation (roughly £500,000) over three years, the H&M Foundation’s support will enable homeless young people to access education, employment and training opportunities, helping them to build successful futures as well as providing a long-term solution for youth homelessness, “says Diana Amini, Global Manager, H&M Foundation.

Homeless young people are 5 times more likely to be out of education, employment and training than the national average and are also some of the most marginalised and socially excluded in the UK. Unstable families and experiences of sleeping on the streets leave them with complex issues. By helping young people into education, employment and training as well as equipping them with life and work skills, they can obtain the tools they need to build sustainable futures.

“With the support of the H&M Foundation The Benjamin Foundation has employed a Job Coach to provide valuable support to young people across our services in Norfolk and Suffolk. Our Job Coach has had a significant impact in helping provide opportunities for young people in terms of Education, Employment and Training (EET), all we consider to be essential elements in supporting young people in their journey to independence and a sustainable housing future. Within the first six months of our delivery of the employability scheme 71 young people have received support, 66 accessing EET opportunities, 48 achieving qualifications and 52 have benefitted from a bursary. The scheme really has been transformational for so many young people in Norfolk and Suffolk.” Tony Ing, CEO of The Benjamin Foundation.

“We are delighted that the H&M Foundation is supporting vulnerable young people out of homelessness. Each year, more than 83,000 young people are homelessness in the UK. Many become trapped in a cycle of repeated homelessness that is incredibly hard to break. Through the Transforming Futures Programme, the H&M Foundation is contributing to breaking that cycle by supporting young people onto employment pathways that are a vital step towards enabling them to escape homelessness for good,” says Nick Connolly, Head of Corporate, Centrepoint and Director of End Youth Homelessness.


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