Before moving into one of our supported accommodation services, Kiera* had been living with her family. “Our home was overcrowded and relationships were strained between me and my parents so my dad helped me go to the council to see if they could help.” Kiera soon found a place at Aspire, where she has called home for the past four years. Aspire represents an important service for Great Yarmouth, providing stable homes for young people aged 16-25. “Whilst I was there, staff helped and supported me to learn everyday living tasks and helped me get the benefits I needed. They encouraged me to try new things like a Christmas card competition and helped me gain confidence in myself. They also helped me with my mental health.”

Once ready to move on, she was supported by our Tenancy Transition Service, where Erica (Tenancy Transition Worker) helped Kiera ensure her new flat became her new home and since moving, Kiera’s relationship with her family has greatly improved. “They have been a great support with getting items in my flat and visit me regularly with my siblings.”

Our Tenancy Transition Service provides valuable one-to-one support to help secure and sustain a tenancy ensuring they sustain their upwards progress towards independent living and build links and gain opportunities in their local communities. “I have started volunteering at the local charity shop where I have learnt till work and customer service. I have also completed the Princes’ Trust Teamwork course and a small business course I love to make necklace and bracelets in my spare time. In the future I would love to start my own business one day doing what I love with my beads.”

“The Tenancy Transition Service has been really good to help support me, especially in a cost-of-living crisis when every little helps. Erica has helped me set up and explained cheaper ways to live and I know I can call on Erica if I have any worries or letters that come in as she helps explains these to me. I would struggle if it wasn’t for Erica’s help.”

“My mental health has really improved, and my confidence grows all the time.”

*name changed

Tenancy Transition Service
Quote Marks Left The only way I can describe is - I feel like I've been set free.

Young person supported by our Housing and Homelessness service

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