With our annual Sleep Out event unable to take place this year as a result of the Covid pandemic, we hosted an online STAY:UP event on Friday 9th October. 80 people volunteered to stay awake for one night and raise money to help young people who haven’t had the best start in life.

With engaging online content and activities on the hour every hour designed to help participants stay awake and motivated throughout, we would like to thank everyone who took part and contributed to the event’s success. Now that everybody is well rested and fully recovered, we spoke with Louis Hilldrup Boorman, Associate and Marketing Manager with STAY:UP Headline Sponsors, Clapham and Collinge Solicitors to reflect on the challenge of a night time…


Why did you decide to take part in STAY:UP for The Benjamin Foundation?

“Clapham & Collinge Solicitors were headline sponsors of The Benjamin Foundation’s STAY:UP event, but as well as sponsoring I was keen for Clapham & Collinge to register a team to get involved in the event too.

From a personal perspective, I wanted to take part in STAY:UP to help raise vital funds for The Benjamin Foundation, so they can continue to support vulnerable young people in our community.

2020 has been a rubbish year for everyone and I think the coronavirus pandemic has affected us all in one way or another. Covid-19 has impacted our mental health, many people have lost their jobs and we now go about our daily lives whilst adhering to ever-changing restrictions. To imagine going through all of this without a roof over my head really puts it into perspective just how fortunate I am, and just how important it is to support those without a stable home or support network. My colleagues and I participated in STAY:UP so we could do our bit to tackle homelessness in our community.”

Describe how the event was for you? Did you watch on a computer or phone, did you take part with family, colleagues or solo?
“I took part in STAY:UP solo from home, along with 4 of my colleagues who also took part individually from their homes. I participated in the zoom activities during the evening using my computer in my home-office, and then moved on to my laptop in the dining room during the early hours. My colleagues and I set up a WhatsApp group so we kept in touch throughout the night, which I’m sure help us to keep going and stay awake!”

What was your favourite part of the night?
“My favourite part of the night was the last hour, from 7am – 8am. Not all participants took part in all of the zoom activities throughout the night so it was great to re-connect with the majority of participants in the last hour. At that point we were on the final stretch and there was a real sense of achievement.”

What made STAY:UP memorable for you?
“The event was totally unique. I’ve taken part in many fundraising events over the years but nothing quite like the STAY:UP event. Whilst we were all in the comfort of our own homes, the concept of staying up all night was a real challenge.”

Other than tired, how did you feel when you completed STAY:UP?
“There was a real sense of community and ‘togetherness’. I felt proud… and exhausted!”

How much money did you raise and how did you do this?
“We’re proud to have raised £350. We set up a fundraising page and generated sponsorship through colleagues, friends and family.”

Thank you to Louis and all at Clapham and Collinge for their continued support for The Benjamin Foundation.

If you would also like to support our charity, please contact us on [email protected] to talk to us about all the ways you can get involved!

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