Housing and Homelessness


From our early days in the 1990's we have always recognised that there was a need for housing for young people and adults who were homeless or at great risk of becoming so. We have expanded our work over the years and now provide support across Norfolk and from 2016 Suffolk too. 

The issue of homelessness is not one which people readily associate with rural areas but it is a problem that is not restricted to big cities. Our work focuses on the 16 to 25 year old age group and we provide a roof over their head and a range of support to help these people back towards an independent life.

Often they come to us having had some tough times in their life to that point, for instance their relationship with their family may have broken down through no fault of their own.

The young people may approach us directly for help or be referred to us by a local authority. Once placed with us our staff will build a relationship with them and help them map out the next steps in their life. Over a period of usually six months to two years we provide support such as:

  • helping their education and training
  • finding a job and planning next career steps
  • developing life skills such as cooking and budgeting their money

The aim is that the young people then leave us as independent adults able to make their own way in the world.


Supported Accommodation Centres

We have accommodation centres across Norfolk and Suffolk in Fakenham (Steven Newing House), Great Yarmouth (Aspire), King's Lynn (Right Tracks) and (Butterfly House), North Walsham (Winston Court) and Thetford (Walmington Court), Aylsham (Forward Court), Norwich (Linden House).
Typically each one houses around 12-15 young people who have their own room and may share some facilities like a kitchen and TV room with the other residents. Each centre has our staff onsite 24/7. The residents all have one of our team as their regular support worker and they will work with that resident on an ongoing basis to help them become independent adults when they move on to the next stage of their life.
Some of our centres have separate "move on" flats which give greater independence and provide a transition before the residents leave us.
In 2016, we expanded our services into Suffolk with supervised accommodation centres Draper House (Ipswich), Whitton Rise (Ipswich) and Violet Terrace (Stowmarket).

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