Emotional wellbeing is Claire’s sit up motivation

At the start of July, we launched our Sit Up 67 fundraising challenge as part of our Summer of Hope fundraising appeal. The appeal is raising money to support the emotional wellbeing of local children and young people following the pandemic by challenging people to complete 67 sit ups each day in July while gaining sponsorship from friends, family and colleagues for their amazing feat. It has received a fantastic response from local people and businesses, already raising over £2,000 by the halfway point of the month-long challenge.

Claire is one of those taking part and was instantly inspired to sign up, despite never having done any fundraising before. She supported our Gift Appeal at Christmas last year and received our email newsletter last month about Sit Up 67 and how our Summer of Hope appeal is raising money to support the emotional wellbeing of local children and young people.

“Mental health has been big part of our family’s life for the last few years and I have really had my eyes opened to the effects and impact that emotional struggles can have.” Claire explains.

“It breaks my heart to think there are children struggling. It’s important they get help at a young age so they can build their resilience and gain the tools needed for adult life.”

Claire was keen to take on Sit Up 67 so she could play her part in The Benjamin Foundation Summer of Hope so more young people can get the emotional support they need, so she quickly signed up to complete 67 sit ups each day in July.

“I thought 67 sit ups a day would be easy – but I forgot how hard it is. On Day Two I really ached! I’m really motivated for the challenge and can now complete all 67 in one go, 37 to start and then the next 30 in chunks of 10 with a little stretch in between. I’ve found that pattern really works for me. I make sure I stretch out too. It doesn’t take long out of my day – a maximum of ten minutes and it really kick starts the day for me.”

At the time of writing, Claire is also top of the Sit Up 67 fundraising leaderboard, having raised over £500.

“I’ve never done anything like this before.” Claire continues. “I thought it might be uncomfortable asking people for sponsorship, but I set up my fundraising page, which only took two minutes and then I sent the link out to friends and family via all the Whatsapp groups I’m in. I’ve been so lucky as everyone has been so supportive and generous. Because of the fundraising leaderboard, I’ve found myself getting quite competitive so I’m now mentioning the challenge to other parents in the playground at school drop off times to try to get extra sponsorship!”

GivePenny, our fundraising platform for this challenge, has unique features such as linking Spotify playlists so friends and family can add a song in return for a donation.

“I would add ‘Mr Blue Sky’ and ‘Here comes the Sun’ as these are special songs for me and motivate me.” Claire says.

But Claire’s main motivation is helping to ensure that local young people who may be struggling emotionally since the pandemic are able to get the right help.

“My own children found homeschooling and not seeing their friends difficult. They are in a fortunate position and at times it was a real struggle. It’s heartbreaking when I hear conversations in the school playground about young people having panic attacks and other emotional struggles. Maths and English are important, but we also need to take care of children’s emotional wellbeing and build them up to be strong and resilient.”

“No matter how small the contribution – every penny counts. I would say to people looking to support The Benjamin Foundation, go for it!”

A huge well done and thank you to Claire for her fantastic sit up efforts and fundraising so far!

If you would like to make a donation to our Summer of Hope appeal to support the emotional wellbeing of local children and young people, please click here: https://benjaminfoundation.co.uk/donate/summerofhope/


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