Dipple and Conway Opticians to Install Tap and Donate Point

Dipple and Conway, local opticians in the heart of Norwich, are the first business to trial our Tap and Donate fundraising initiative. 

We are very excited to announce the roll out of a new project in tandem with Dipple and Conway. This is not the first time we have worked with the local opticians over recent years. Rachel Hogg, our Communications Manager, said the team at Dipple and Conway were ‘absolute superstars’ in Christmas 2020 when they first engaged with us, partaking in a match-funding scheme. This involved inviting their customers to donate to The Benjamin Foundation via a Virgin Money Giving fundraising page and whatever was raised, Dipple and Conway pledged to match it. They generously donated a fabulous £1,000 to support local children and young people who are going through difficult times in Norfolk and Suffolk. 

It’s Quick and Easy to Tap and Donate!

This time around, Dipple and Conway will be housing a new ‘Tap and Donate’ device in their Norwich branch, a scheme that The Benjamin Foundation have not yet implemented with any other business!

The device itself, from Goodbox, is a slick, compact piece of electronic equipment that allows customers to use contactless payment to donate £3.00 per tap to The Benjamin Foundation. This process is designed to facilitate fast, hassle free donations for ‘ultimate donor engagement’. It will be located on a stand within the shop itself, the bespoke vinyl of which was designed by local digital marketing agency, Nu Image, free of charge. Not only are Dipple and Conway welcoming the device to be positioned in their largest branch, they are also covering the monthly upkeep and hosting costs. This means that 100% of any donations made at the Tap and Donate station will be utilised by The Benjamin Foundation.

If all goes swimmingly, then Dipple and Conway will be potentially looking to kit out their Diss Opticians and Swaffham Opticians branches with Tap and Donate devices too.

We’d like to thank Matthew and Emma Conway for their open mindedness and generosity over the past couple of years. We would also like to extend our gratitude to Nu Image for designing such a beautiful vinyl and for progressing such a smooth and natural relationship with Dipple and Conway. Nu Image participated in the Norwich Sleep Out last year and will be joining us again this November in bigger numbers! We look forward to working with both businesses in the future, and are eager to see what exciting things we can achieve together in the coming years. 

The Tap and Donate point will be installed in the Dipple and Conway Norwich Castle Street branch from early July 2022.

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