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Gift Guidance Notes

Here are a few suggestions of gifts suitable for different

age groups:

For ages 6-11

·         Games and Puzzles

·         Chocolates and Sweets

·         Story Books

·         Colouring Books, Crayons and Stickers

·         Soft Toys

·         Model Toys

For ages 12-16

·         Gift vouchers

·         Chocolates and Sweets

·         Notepads and Stationary

·         Books

·         Crafting or Creative Gifts

·         Model Kits

For ages 16-25

·         Gift Vouchers

·         Chocolates and Sweets

·         Toiletries or Make-up Gift Sets

·         Aftershave or Perfume

·         Notepads and Stationary

Group Gifts for Young Carers Groups aged 6-18

·         Craft Materials

·         Games and Puzzles

·         Indoor Sports Equipment

·         Dressing-up Costumes

·         Story Books or Colouring Books

Christmas Gift Appeal 2017

Every year The Benjamin Foundation is inundated with presents and gifts for the young people and families we support across the East of England. However, as we look after more people each year, we require more and more presents. Could you spread a little joy by donating a Christmas gift this year?

Who Can I Donate To?

There are a range of young people and families who you can donate gifts to throughout Norfolk and Suffolk. You are able to choose to send a gift to a specific service that is local to you, or one that you are passionate about. Choosing who would like to donate to in advance means that we can make sure everyone gets a Christmas present this year!

In 2017, we would love to give Christmas gifts to the following young people we support:

· Individual gifts for residents of our nine Supported Accommodation centres across Norfolk and Suffolk, aged 16-25

· Individual gifts for young people living with one of our Heart and Home hosts across Norfolk and Suffolk, aged 16-25

· Individual gifts for young people who use our Time for You support service

· Group gifts for Young Carer Groups across Norfolk, aged 6-18

How to Donate

We would like to ask that everyone who would like to donate a gift lets us know in advance. To make a gift, please follow the following three steps:

1. Let us know. Please fill in this online form. Make sure that you choose which group of young people you would like to donate to and include your contact details so that we know who to thank.

2. Purchase your gift. Click here to view guidance on buying gifts for our Christmas Appeal. Please do not wrap your donated gift as we need to check each of the gifts delivered to us. We do accept donated wrapping paper, if you would like to donate some.

3. Drop off your gift. Purchase your gifts and deliver to one of our drop off points, UNWRAPPED, no later than Friday 24th November 2017. Find a map of the drop off locations here. Once you register your gift, we will be in touch about drop off locations.

What Type of Gifts Should I Buy?

Please click here to read our guidance notes for appropriate gifts to buy.

If you are donating an individual gift, please remember that we have a mix of male and female young people of many different ages, so please think about the individual you have decided to donate to, when purchasing your gift.

If you are donating to our Young Carers group, please note that these need to be group gifts that several young people could use or play with at the same time.

How Much Should I Spend on a Gift?

We suggest a maximum spend of £15 for an individual gift however several items can be used to make up a gift so items of any value, up to this amount, would be appreciated.

If you are donating a group gift for our Young Carers Group, we suggest spending up to £50.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the Christmas Gift Appeal, please contact our team on or telephone 01603 886932.

Thank you.

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