Butterflies Emotional Wellbeing Service

We deliver a range of services to support children, young people and families facing challenges. We aim to strengthen the emotional and social wellbeing of children and young people, increase their self-esteem and help them to recognise their greatness to enable them to be better able to deal with the ups and downs of life. By helping at an early stage, our work aims to prevent more serious problems arising in the future. 
For over 15 years we have been providing emotional wellbeing support to children and young people through our school based 'Time for You' service. We have worked in partnership with lots of schools and continue to provide this service in Norfolk and Suffolk. However, we know that not all children and young people are able to access the service in their school and some may prefer to attend support sessions outside of school.
After requests from young people and their families we have developed 'Butterflies' - a service providing emotional wellbeing sessions in local communities which are paid for by the parent / carer.
Who is the ‘Butterflies' emotional wellbeing service for?
‘Butterflies' is for any children and young people aged 5 – 18 who are in need of some emotional wellbeing support. Reasons for referral are usually very varied but may include general self esteem issues, anxiety, friendship issues, bereavement, and family relationship breakdown.
Who delivers the support?
We employ dedicated support workers who have relevant qualifications and experience of working one-to-one with children and young people. All our Support Workers have current enhanced DBS checks, receive regular supervision, as well as relevant training and development opportunities. Our Support Workers are experienced at working with different ages of children and supporting their emotional wellbeing. 
What will the Support Worker do? 
The Support Worker will use a range of activities to help children and young people feel at ease and encourage them to talk about their feelings or concerns. These might include art and craft activities, board games and role-play and will follow the interests of the child/young person. They will work with the child to enhance their emotional literacy and help them develop the tools they need to manage their feelings and emotions. 
All staff at the Benjamin Foundation use the Nurtured Heart Approach® to help children and young people recognise their personal attributes, their own unique greatness, and to create opportunities for success. 
What about confidentiality?
The support session with the child/young person is confidential and the worker makes sure the child understands that there are things they may have to report to someone for their own safety or that of other people. Support Workers actively support children to gain confidence to be able to communicate their feelings with the appropriate adults in their life. Support Workers will speak to parents by phone if this is appropriate. Relevant information can be shared with parents/carers, schools or other agencies where appropriate and permission is given by the child or young person. 
How much does it cost and where do we receive the service?
There is an initial £25 first session fee which will also include an initial referral telephone call from your ‘Butterflies' Support Worker to discuss the referral. After that the ‘Butterflies' service costs £20 per half hour session of face to face delivery and this encompasses all associated costs. These sessions are bought in advance as a block of 6 (£120 to be paid in one instalment) to ensure continuity for the young person. 
Where does the service take place? 
‘Butterflies' emotional wellbeing support service will initially be available after school in three centres across Norfolk. This will be at our Head Office in Norwich, Aspire in Great Yarmouth and at Forward Court in Aylsham.  
What about outcomes for children and young people? 
We have robust procedures in place for ensuring quality provision and are working hard to develop additional appropriate ways of providing information on outcomes of the work we do with children and young people. We provide a brief report detailing our involvement and outcomes achieved when a case is closed. The Benjamin Foundation uses Outcome Star™ at the beginning and towards the end of working with a child. My Star™ covers eight key areas deemed essential in enabling a child to thrive:
1. Physical health: how others look after you and how you keep yourself  healthy
2. Where you live: feeling safe, secure and at home 
3. Being safe: how safe you are 
4. Relationships: your relationships with your parents  
5. Feelings and behaviour: how you respond to difficulty and cope with change 
6. Friends: how you make and keep friends 
7. Confidence & self-esteem: feeling at ease, knowing you matter 
8. Education & learning: doing well at school and enjoying learning  
How can I find out more?
How do we get started? 
Please contact our Early Help Services Coordinator in the first instance. Once a referral form is completed and returned, and when payment for the initial session has cleared, you will receive a call from our ‘Butterflies' Support Worker with whom you can then arrange the first session.   

Meet the team

  • Kirsty Pitcher
    Director of Operations - Early Help Services

  • Michael Rooke
    Coordinator of Early Help Services


  • 01603 615670
  • The Benjamin Foundation,
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"I like the support because it has helped me cope with worries and believe in myself. Also, I like to have someone to talk with."