Business Supporters

There are many businesses which actively support their local community and charities.  As a well-established charity working in Norfolk and Suffolk it is likely that we support people close to your business.  Because our work needs to be delivered discretely you may not know too much about us but our website will hopefully explain how we help local children, families and adults of all ages.

If your company would like to support a local charity we would love to talk to you.  Contact our Marketing and Fundraising Manager Chris Elliott by phone (07825 130003) or email




Ways You Can Help Us

Raise Funds For Us

You may want to do your own fundraising events which could range from in office cake sales or dress down days to skydives and other adrenaline activities.  Maybe your company holds a dinner or quiz night that could raise money.  Alternatively you may want to take part in or sponsor one of the events we run.  These range from our summer family event 'The Butterfly Walk' to our 'Sleep Out' where we ask you to spend a night outside in November to gain an insight into the issue of homelessness.   


Whether it is an individual or a group of 20 people we can explore ways that your business can help us through voluntary work.  It may suit you to do this as a one day event or perhaps you could provide a regular amount of time.  Check out our Volunteering page linked at the top of this page or email 

Ways We Can Help You

Our aim will be to work in partnership with you and see how we can help you in return for your support.  We could help you by:
• Providing coverage on our website and social media platforms to recognise your support and grow awareness of your business
• Building team spirit - a day out of the office as a group doing voluntary work for a local charity could provide benefits back in the office
• Personal Development - we may be able to help individuals in your company achieve their personal development goals whilst supporting us. For example, could one of your staff develop their leadership skills by mentoring one of the young people we support?

Our Supporters

Case study: Clapham and Collinge Solicitors

The support of local businesses and organisations is hugely important to us and Clapham & Collinge are great supporters of the work that we do. They hosted our very first Sleep Out event in November 2015 and in 2016 became the legal provider to our charity. They continue to support us in many ways.

In December 2017, they organised and hosted 'Christmas Extravaganza' a bespoke new fundraising event which saw a festive evening raise an amazing £1,228.00. They also nominated us to receive a share of funds raised through their Lasting Power of Attorney charity scheme and were the main event sponsors for our 2017 Butterfly Walk.

The support of Clapham and Collinge extends to more than financial; their team are hugely enthusiastic and are keen to help us in other areas too, including volunteering their time to help us with our fundraising events. In fact, the warm welcome on the registration desk at our 2017 Norwich Sleep Out was thanks to the Clapham and Collinge team!

As we move forward in 2018, Clapham and Collinge continue to support us in a variety of ways, including the sponsorship of our fabulous new running vests for fundraisers, and being the main sponsors of the 2018 Butterfly Treasure Hunt.

We are incredibly thankful for all that the Clapham and Collinge team offer us and their continued support for the work we do to help young people, children and families in Norfolk and Suffolk.  

For more information, visit their website

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