Meet... Alison Thomas

Trustee since 2013

Tell us about your career

I have wide experience working with children in my career. This includes being a Cabinet Member for Children's Services at Norfolk County Council for three years and being on the adoption panel for four years. 

Why did you decide to become a Trustee?

My main reasons for joining The Benjamin Foundation as a Trustee revolve around my enormous respect for the work done by the charity for young people who have a challenging life for whatever reason. My service on the adoption panel means that I read about many young children every month and feel that the early years work could prove pivotal in improving outcomes for young children. My job has given me a passion for supporting the children in Norfolk that need help and I hope to be able to continue this as a Trustee.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I am married with three children. My hobbies revolve around home, garden and dogs but my main passion is supporting the Welsh rugby team especially during the Six Nations tournament!

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