We’re always thankful when people are so moved by the work we do to support local children, young people and families that they decide to take on a challenge to raise money to support our work. Chris is no exception and on Sunday 28th April, he will be donning a Benjamin Foundation running vest as he takes on the London Marathon. Here, he explains more:

What inspired you to run the London Marathon for The Benjamin Foundation?
When I decided to find a charity place for the London Marathon, the most important things to me were finding a charity that was local, and whose work I felt passionate about. The Benjamin Foundation definitely fits the bill and it was seeing the continuous work / support you give to so many local people which was the main factor in me deciding to run for you.

Do you have a training plan and how is this going?
I have been following a Nike Run Club training plan which has been going very well. A few weeks back I picked up a little injury, but I am now however back on the road running again, so hopefully no more setbacks before the big day. Upon completing my training I would have ran a total of over 600 kilometres which is the equivalent of running to Hamburg in Germany!

Have you run the London Marathon, or similar events before?
I have never run the London Marathon, or any marathon for that matter. The longest race distance I have covered is a half marathon so going beyond this distance will be new to me, but I look forward to the challenge of the unknown. I competed in Run Norwich 2016 and am looking forward to running the event again this year in July.

How is your fundraising going?
Fundraising has started well, however certain parts have proved a little more challenging than others (attaining raffle prizes). I feel that I have started off on the right foot and will be holding some key events over the coming weeks (including a bake sale, raffle, and running on a treadmill in a supermarket) which will really push me towards my fundraising goals.

What will be the biggest challenge for you on Marathon day itself?
The biggest challenge for me I think will be the last 5 or 6 miles. This is the point of the race where runners can hit the infamous wall, so I am praying I do not succumb to this. The hours of training will hopefully have prepared me for this, and also thinking about the great cause I am doing this for will push me through and get me to the finish line.

What are you most looking forward to about the event?
The London Marathon is known for being one the best marathons in the world to run. I am looking forward to the atmosphere on the day, and also chatting to other runners at the start line sharing our training experiences / race plans. I am just really looking forward to being part of the experience as a whole.

How do you think you will feel when you cross the finish line?
Apart from feeling tired and most probably very hungry, I think I will feel elated and proud and have a real sense of accomplishment when I am running up the Mall crossing the finish line. The 5 months of gruelling training and race day will have come to an end and I would have achieved my goals I set out to do which will feel great.

I would just like to thank The Benjamin Foundation for having me as their 2019 London Marathon runner, as without you none of this would be possible, and I hope the money I raise goes a long way with helping you provide the continued support to the people who depend on you.

Thanks so much Chris! Good luck with your training and on Marathon day itself.

If you’d like to sponsor Chris, you can donate to his online fundraising page here.


Chris Shearing Marathon Runner
Quote Marks Left I hope the money I raise goes a long way with helping you provide the continued support to the people who depend on you.

Chris Shearing, 2019 London Marathon Runner

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