Social Action

"Social action is about people coming together to help improve their lives and solve the problems that are important in their communities and shape their future. It can include volunteering, giving money, community action or simple everyday neighborly acts". Social action: harnessing the potential discussion paper Cabinet office June, 2015

Social action activities go beyond volunteering and skills learning, it is where people help others in need and learn about social issues in local and global communities.

At The Benjamin Foundation, we provide the people we support with Hope, Opportunity, Stability and Independence, all that provide individuals a chance to be the person they want to be. Therefore our social action activities offer people opportunities:

  • to learn new skills that enables them to address social issues they face in their community for a sustainable future 
  • to use their talents to empower themselves to make positive choices about their future 
  • to get involved in the decision making on social issues 

We are involved in the #iwill campaign and have pledged our support, for full details of our pledge and to find out more about the campaign please click HERE.

The campaign has been designed to make Social Action a part of life for 10 - 20 year olds.

To keep up to date with all things social action follow our facebook page: Social Action: The Benjamin Foundation

#iwill Pledge

We are proud supporters of the #iwill campaign and we want to inspire others to get involved too! You could make your own pledge to the campaign, share your own great examples of social action using #iwill or contact Jenna, our Social Action Development Worker to get involved in our upcoming social action/volunteering opportunities. Please do check out our successes to date – all of which would not be possible without the hard-work & dedication of all the young people we work with!

During volunteers week (1st – 7th June 2017) we will release some very important case studies written by the young people who have benefited from our social action service. We will also be celebrating this very important week by inviting you to apply to volunteer with our social action service. This can be through one of events or for longer depending on what suits you best. To register your interest please download and complete the form HERE.

Share your pledge day #iwillpledge is fast approaching! The ‘share your pledge' day will take place on the 7th June 2017 which is the final day of volunteer's week and the eve of the general election. We made our pledge last year and below is a brief update of our achievements so far. We are very proud of all the young people who we have and continue to work with and think it is important that we highlight the importance of social action and its value to individuals and communities.

  • We will specifically focus on ensuring that we reach some of the most vulnerable young people by listening to their views and ensuring they have access to the same opportunities as other young people – Our young commissioners mentored young people from rural Norfolk during a residential in April 2017. The residential was planned and delivered by the young commissioners. Quote from parent "He had a great time and came back enthused with what he did there".
  • We will increase the number of young people involved in our opportunities every year even beyond 2020 – Our social action team has worked with over 120 young people since we made our pledge and we expect this number to keep increasing.
  • Increase young people's confidence, self-belief and leadership skills empowering them to participate in their communities – We recently engaged with a young person who has been ‘reluctant' to participate in social action activities – he reported feeling great after achieving his goal during an activity where he was completely out of his comfort zone!
  • We will empower young people to challenge themselves to develop their skills to their fullest potential through activities such as fundraising or awareness raising A group of young people participated in a sleep-in to raise awareness of homelessness and to raise monies toward vital repairs at their youth club. Between them they raised a huge £600!
  • To demonstrate to communities that young people make positive contributions and are assets to society – Through our ‘Great Acts of Kindness Project' we worked with Breckland YAB on five social action projects featuring many acts of kindness to raise the profile of young people and to demonstrate to young people  that they can and do make a difference in their communities, and that this is recognised and valued by other members of their communities.
  • Young people will organise, plan and implement a minimum of 70 social action events/opportunities across Norfolk & Suffolk by 2020 – Since we made our pledge our social action team has supported young people to participate in over 20 social action events!
  • We will recognise and reward all activity with a positive and optimistic approach – We always encourage young people to realise their potential and regularly award achievement certificates.
  • Use social media as a platform to raise the profile of young people, encourage more young people to take part and demonstrate the differences made – We recently supported a group of young people to plan and deliver their own social media campaign to celebrate the greatness of young people. The materials shared included films, photos, case studies and more. During the social media campaign the posts were interacted with 7693 times (shares, views, likes & retweets).



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