Our Values

We have grown since our charity was established in 1994 from a small organisation doing youth work in North Norfolk to one that now works across Norfolk and is expanding into Suffolk and other neighbouring counties.  In the early days with a small staff team all working in the same office it was easy to develop a common way of working and an ethos about how The Benjamin Foundation should operate.  Often our team referred to our charity having a family feel.
From about 2008 we expanded around Norfolk as we identified ways we could help more children, young people and families.  This of courese meant our staff team grew with many working from home or other locations.  By 2014 we had 200 staff on the payroll and we felt it was important that we documented our values so that all staff really understood what The Benjamin Foundation was all about - not just what we do but how we do it.  
We started this process at our annual away day gathering for our staff in June 2013.  All the staff there took part in disucssions to define our ethos, culture and values.  From there a group of staff representing different services and levels developed this further.  This work was completed in 2014 and our values are shown below.  We feel they embody the spirit of The Benjamin Foundation.
1. We treat everyone as an individual.
2. Our service users - the people we support - are at the heart of everything we do
3. We believe in delivering high quality.
4. We are business-like and professional
5. We put our heart and soul into everything we do.