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Get your paddles at the ready!

The popular charity raft race at The Ringland Swan is back for a lot of laughs, fun and hilarity. Each year The Ringland Swan host a charity raft race to help raise money towards a selected charity. This year we are delighted to have been chosen. This year’s race will be on Sunday 27th August at the Green in Ringland, opposite The Ringland Swan.

The rafts have to be made entirely from hand and using everyday materials that you can get your hands on. No monohulls, engines, sails, pumps or propellers are allowed; just your brute strength and oars. Year on year there has been a great turn out and the local community love getting involved.

The day should be lots of fun and very memorable. If you’d like to get involved all you need to do is:

1.   Enter a team by printing out and filling in the entry form from the website.

2.   Return the form to The Ringland Swan along with the £10 entrance fee.

3.   Build your raft with any materials you can find.

4.   Turn up on the day and have lots of fun!

The day begins at 1pm at the Green in Ringland where the rafts will be placed on the Green for inspection. At 2pm, all rafts will be judged on how well they have been build and the overall design. Finally, what everyone will be waiting for, the race will begin approximately at 3pm.

The winners of the race will receive a £50 Ringland Swan gift voucher.

If this is something that you’d like to get involved in please find out more information here or call on 01603 869014.