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Amazing response to our Christmas Appeal

Our 2016 Christmas Gift Appeal was a huge success thanks to the many wonderful gifts donated by our generous supporters! In fact, we were a little overwhelmed at the number of people who chose to donate a gift (or in some cases several gifts!) to the young people and families we support and we received so many fantastic items. Needless to say, all of the recipients of the Christmas gifts were absolutely delighted with them! Our heartfelt thanks go out to everybody who supported our appeal. In total, we gave 207 Christmas gifts to young people across Norfolk and Suffolk.

Donation Station

Once we had launched our appeal, we very quickly received donation forms, emails and telephone calls from supporters who wanted to help. At first, the gifts arrived in a steady flow, but before we knew it we were inundated with lovely toys, books, toiletries, gift vouchers and much much more for us to wrap for the people we support. 

A special thanks goes to Clapham and Collinge Solicitors in North Walsham who kindly took in donations on our behalf throughout the appeal as did our colleagues at services across Norfolk.


Wrap Wrap Wrap!

With so many gifts to sort and wrap we called upon some Christmas Elves to join us and held 'wrapping sessons' at our Head Office in Norwich throughout November.


Students Emma, Tanne, Savanah, Ella, Amber and Isabel from UEA Norwich (pictured above) gave up their time to help wrap gifts for our Young Carer groups and younger service users. We also set up a wrapping session at our Meet-Up centre in Thetford where younger service users (pictured below) helped wrap gifts as part of the #iwill campaign.


Special Deliveries

With so many important gifts to deliver across Norfolk and Suffolk in time for Christmas, the delivery operation was a big one but with the help of lots of colleagues across our organisation we managed it! In total we delivered 26 large group gifts to our Young Carer groups in 13 locations in time for their last meetings before Christmas. They were all very excited to see the huge gifts arriving for them to open together and were thrilled with all of the wonderful items inside for them to use at future sessions. 



Each of the young people living in our Supported Accommodation,  a Heart and Home Host and the pupils at Copperfield School were given an individual gift bag or box filled with the lovely items bought by our supporters. The recipients of these gifts were all absolutely thrilled! These are just some of the comments we have received so far:

"This is the first Christmas present I've had in seven years!" Sasha, age 17

"The presents were brilliant and it's really lovely to know that people are thinking of you, even though they don't know you." Matty, age 19.

"Thank you Father Christmas, my first Christmas in the UK and I have gifts! You are all very kind people." Reband, age 17

"Wow! There are some lovely things in here, I wasn't expecting to get anything, thank you so much!" Elle, age 17

"The best present I got!" Female resident, age 17


Thank you once again to everybody who helped us make Christmas 2016 special for the people we support