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Footballer Grant Holt Completes Solo Sleep Out

Ex-Norwich City Footballer, Grant Holt has completed his own Sleep Out to support our work by spending the night sleeping solo underneath the stars in Norfolk.

Honouring his commitment to Sleep Out Grant said, through a series of live videos throughout the night, that taking part in Sleep Out has given him an understanding of what some people go through night after night, day after day.

"I didn't think it'd be as difficult as it actually is." He explains in one of the videos on his Twitter feed.

"I've been lucky enough to have a meal beforehand, I've been in a nice warm house. But now it's starting to rain, noises spook you and there's not much comfort. Anyone could end up in this situation."

In darkness and with the noise of traffic audible in the background, Grant continued to champion our work and Sleep Out throughout the evening, as supporters boosted his fundraising, many of them leaving messages of encouragment.

At 6.30am on completion of his Sleep Out, Grant reflected on on his challenge.

"People need to do it on this side of the fence to appreciate how difficult it is. It's cold, noisy and I didn't get much sleep, but we need to change our bias - there's people who need our help to not be in this position."

He concluded by thanking everybody who had donated and wishing those who are taking part in Friday's Sleep Out in Norwich City Centre good luck.

Our sincere thanks to Grant for taking part and raising awareness of the issue of youth homelessness.

His fundraising page is still open - if you would like to donate, please visit Virgin Money Giving.

For more information about Sleep Out, please see our event page.



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